marie louise sorbac
the artist

Born in Argentina, Buenos Aires, on March 15th 1959, Marie Louise Sorbac studied at the college Jean Mermoz, growing up with her four brothers and sisters within a Franco-Argentinian family which perpetrates a tradition of interior design and collecting art for three generations.

After her high school-degree in Buenos-Aires, she moves to Paris and intents to study at the Beaux-Arts School. However, a 1-year registration file being opposed, she decides to report her cheerest wish for later and so she starts working. Along her carrier, she takes high responsibilities, whether in the field of automobile competition, or in international luxury brand development : handbags (maroquinerie), perfumes and furniture design. She cooperates with designers, art directors and contractors. For business purposes, she travels a lot, observes and gathers impressions. Each experience brings new constructive elements to Marie Louise Sorbac: forms, colors, styles, scents... This great personal background nowadays lets her express her own creativity through sculpture and, more recently, painting.

In 2005 she begins to model clay and joins the visual arts studio at Boulogne-Billancourt where she now lives and works. Her need to create is soon embodied thanks to the melting of clay with other materials: wiring, iron concrete, plaster, wood. She shapes characters and pure linear scenes made out of iron concrete, as well as bestiary in hand-crushed wiring which provides volume, density and roundness to her animals.

From the far-depth of her origins she conceived a remarkable series of bulls, of which Pablo, whose simple and shorn design is presented as a trilogy in bronze.

... « What I like to do is to create characters coming straight out of one stroke, one essential curve, as if I was drawing while sculpting »... using steel bars for this. Marie Louise works with materials which are given in the nature, such as vine-shoots, pieces of wood, mixed with recycled metal.

« I also have pleasure to transform materials gotten from builders, architects, scrap dealers and to bring them back to life by giving them a new shape and movement, somehow as a "second life" ».

The work of Marie Louise Sorbac is structured, refined and inhabited.